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Members in good standing of the Virginia State Bar who represent creditors’ in transactions involving debt collection are eligible for active membership. By submitting this form and the applicable dues to the VCBA, the primary member or applicant named below certifies that he or she, and all others listed for inclusion as members, are eligible for active membership.

  • An applicant (or renewing member) may choose individual membership or firm membership.
  • Annual individual membership dues are $150.00, and such membership is nontransferable.
  • Annual firm membership dues are $500.00, which confers membership on all lawyers of the firm whom the firm wishes to list as members.

Provide e-mail addresses only of those who wish to be included on the VCBA list-serve. Because most VCBA news and official notices are shared only by e-mail to the list-serve, we recommend that at least one member of your firm be included on the list-serve.

Please note that there are 2 list-serves: One for attorneys to discuss relevant issues with the VCBA membership, and another for paralegals and assistants to discuss coverage and other relevant topics. If you would like to register yourself and/or an assistant on the paralegal listserv, please contact separately from the membership application. For more information about the list-serves, please visit:

Individual Membership- ($150.00)Firm Membership- ($500.00)

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